Vivamex Data Management

Vivamex is currently engaged in a significant Master Data Management project for an international supply chain corporation.  

 "We often that our clients have a pre-existing understanding of the principles of MDM and data management. Their challenge is in organising implementation across the complex corporate landscape and technical history they have inherited.   This requires an understnding opf business change management as well as technical expertise - neither is sufficient alone".

Data Migration Pro - Vivamex Principal Consultant John Platten was invited to join the expert panel at Data Migration Pro and has also written several articles for this leading website.

Broadband Telco Data Migration - Vivamex have been assisting a major broadband supplier in their assimilation of a recently acquired competitor. The challenge as ever is to deliver on the business benefit of the purchase by bringing the two data sets under control and separating them from their current legacy platform.

Absence Recording Data Warehouse - Vivamex have been assisting a significant and growing player in outsourced absence management with their reporting. The project primarily concerns the creation of time series data across the pre-existing operations allowing improvement trends in employee absence to be analysed. The project will deliver specific reports, a new data structure and operational capture of time series information that should support further categorisation and presentation.

Oil Company Performance Management - Vivamex assisted a leading international oil company with a financial performance project in the IT department that could have serious long term impacts on optimisation and cost savings within the IT function.

ERP Data Migration - Vivamex assisted in the data migration of an Oracle 11i EBusiness suite ERP implementation coupled with Primavera project management. 

Mobile Telco SAP Data Migration - Vivamex led the data migration from System21 to SAP one of the UKs major mobile telecoms companies.   Later moving to the often tricky are of data cleansing.   We had set up data quality monitoring in advance and were able to spend about 1hr per day in the last two weeks correcting new data only as the history had already been delivered fully cleansed, and well on time.

Inurance Company Data Warehouse - Policies and Claims analysis data warehouse

Pharmaceuticals SAP Data Migration - Led the delivery of data from 3 sites in one of the largest ever multi-site, same-day big bang Go Lives ever attempted.